We wish you an incredible New year 2019 !


In 2018, the Consulate General of France in Cape Town chose to write a portrait of 12 French citizens who are involved in the Western Cape region and more generally in South Africa.

Wine makers, artisans, founders of NGOs... These "Incredible French People" show the diversity of the French community as well as the energy and the dedication of these French citizens who made, one day, incredible decisions, had incredible projects to defend our three main values : Innovation, Solidarity and Excellence.

They inspired us !

Let New Year begin with the most incredible ideas, aspirations and projects.

The team of the Consulate General of France in Cape Town wishes you an incredible New Year !

"Ces incroyables Français" /"These incredible French people" 2018 :
The portraits written in French

Gilles de Moyencourt, L’antique atypique

PNG - 97.8 kb

Floriane et Quentin Cutler, mariage millésimé

PNG - 86.9 kb

Nicole-Marie Iresch, L’empreinte du township

PNG - 87 kb

Sylvain Pierre, la révolution Bastille

PNG - 73.4 kb

Stéphanie Simbo et Marine Durand, Une école pour lever les barrières


Cédric Touzard, Eclair de génie


Laurence Estève, La vie en piste


Stéphane Kacedan, African Eager


Laurence Diaz Armand, Déplacer les montagnes


Hélène Joffé, la dernière survivante


Martinique Stilwell, libre comme la mer


Oliver Petrie, Focus sur l’Ekse Lens


publié le 18/12/2018

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