Visit of Soitec’s Touwsrivier Project [fr]

On 5 March 2015, Ambassador Barbier and Consul D’Argoeuves visited Soitec’s CPV Installation at Touwsrivier (Aquila Private Game Reserve).


Soitec is a world leader in generating and producing revolutionary semiconductor materials with applications in electronics, solar energy (through CPV system) and lighting. It is an international company founded by French nationals Jean-Michel Lamure and André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé in 1992.

The Touwsrivier power plant (Western Cape) is the largest CPV solar plant in operation in Europe and Africa: 190 hectares, 1500 trackers, supplying enough energy to power 13,000 houses.

The CPV system presents numerous advantages in sunny, desert-like regions:
• Low degradation: space-proven multi-junction -solar cells have been used -for decades in aerospace -engineering and showed -extremely low degradation;
• Robust glass-glass module design: a planar glass-glass design -and smart material choices-(tempered glass, UV-stable -silicone) ensure reliable -performance in desert climates;
• Stow position in sand storms: the dual-axis tracker can -move into horizontal stow -position to protect the -CPV modules from strong-wind and sand storms;
• No water needed for cooling: passive cooling with metal -heat sinks reduces the -temperature of the cells. -No cooling water is needed. -Water is only used for cleaning.

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publié le 10/03/2015

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