Exhibition "Tramway: a French school" in Cape Town [fr]

From 15 to 19 October 2014, Le Lieu de Design in association with the French Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Design (APCI) will be showcasing the exhibition “Tramway: a French school” at the Cape Town Stadium, within the framework of the World Design Capital 2014 events in Cape Town.


Transforming Cities

Designed by Le Lieu du design, with the support of Alstom, the RATP group and the STIF, the exhibition was selected to represent France for its expertise in urban planning. Organisations, cities and communities from 5 continents will come together on the occasion of the “World Design House exhibitions”, under the theme “Transforming Cities”. The goal is to showcase the impact of design on the city’s development and the well-being of its residents, against the backdrop of increasing urbanisation.

The exhibition is part of the Design House Exhibition process along with its international counterparts from Dublin, Taipei, Bavaria and Seoul, among others. It is presented by Yo Kaminagai, Head of Design at the Infrastructure Management department for RATP projects. The official opening ceremony was presided over by Patricia De Lille, mayor of Cape Town.

APCI, mandated by the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) within the French Ministry for Industry, approached Le Lieu du Design with a request to present the exhibition. The example of the French tram was considered to be especially significant in light of its positive contribution to transforming cities. This phenomenon, hailed the world over for its quality and scope, seemed to be the most fitting choice to represent France.

publié le 16/10/2014

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