The Miser at the Baxter Theatre, from 10 to 25 May! [fr]

The Award-winning piece of theatre, “The Miser” will be on the bill at the Baxter Theatre from 10th to 25th May in Cape Town!

Described as a deliciously mean comedy, The Miser scooped the most awards at the 10th annual Naledi Awards. It reigned in four “Naledis”: Best Play, Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Boyer, Best Costume Design for Sarah Roberts and Best Director for Strike.

One of the great successes of the French Season in South Africa, Sylvaine Strike’s contemporary interpretation of Moliere’s timeless classic written, has been appointed as the “South African production of the year” by the critique.

PNG Lionel Newton plays Harpagon: miser, demagogue and a pulsating boil on the beaten posterior of his panic-stricken household, ruling over his roost with calculated avarice. His offspring, Cléante and Elise, wish to marry. Will Harpagon approve of their choices despite the foul smells of poverty afoot? Or will his escalating paranoia snuff out their hopes of happiness once and for all?

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Monday to Saturday at 20:00 from 10 May
Matinee at 14:00 on Saturday, 18 May
Price: from R110 to R150

publié le 29/04/2013

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