The French association l’Entraide is happy to welcome you to its Loto on October, 16th!

L’Association Française d’Entraide du Cap is happy to welcome you to its big event of the year: le Loto de l’Entraide!.
Come and participate to the lotoof the French association l’Entraide du Cap on October, 16th, 2016 at the Sea Point campus of the French School of Cape Town.

Everyone is welcome to join and play: this event is meant to gather the entire French community without age distinction,,as well as South Africans or any other person that may be interested!
This loto will be organized in the light of the simple and joyful atmosphere L’Entraide wishes to implement in the future.
Since l’Entraide is aware that a successful lotto depends on the quality of its prizes, the team worked hard to find the best. The Grand prize of the evening will be “two nights for two people in Motswari”. Children have not been forgotten either; a large batch was specifically chosen for them: a helicopter ride (with accompanying)

Of course, wine bottles, vouchers, fabrics will be won among others
Gates open at 2 pm and the French School arranged for food and refreshments.

L’Entraide counts on the public to make this moment festive and unique so come and join!

Information :
Venue: Corner Tramway and Kings road – Sea Point
8005 Cape Town
South Africa
Opening hours expected:2pm
Price of a carton: 25 Rands .
Promotion for online bookings: 5 cardboard for 100 Rands via :

publié le 10/10/2016

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