Tender Opportunity for the Outsourcing of Visa applications and Collections in the Republic of South Africa

Aim of the Tender

The Embassy of France in Pretoria is putting forward a tender opportunity for the position of outsourcing company in charge of interacting with the public on matters concerning the receiving of visa applications in South Africa. Duties that include but are not limited to: scheduling appointments, information and receiving of the public, collection of documents, handling of application fees, taking of biometrics, digitizing of visa application forms, transporting of documents to the relevant Consulate General (Johannesburg or Cape Town) and the returning of passports to the applicants.
For the duration of the contract the service provider will be required to open collection centers at two principal locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and a third satellite collection of applications, using mobile biometric stations, from applicants residing in countries who are reliant upon the Consulate General of France for their visa applications, such as: Zambia, Namibia, Bostwana and Lesotho.

Tender Time Line
Online posting of the tender opportunity 27 March 2017
Deadline for the submissions of tenders 29 May 2017
Announcement of the decision from the Selection Committee 1st week of July
Opening date of the three cernters 1st November 2017

Request for the Tender Dossier

All interested parties may request a complete dossier (breakdown of the guidelines, information pertaining to the tender process as well as all related documentation) from the Consulate General in Johannesburg by sending an email to brice.sardain@diplomatie.gouv.fr). Included with the request, all interested parties will need to state the type of company they are registered as and include all documents proving their registration with the South African authorities in said capacity.

Composition of the Tender Application

Tenders submitted by candidates will need to cover all points stated in the tender dossier. They should not exceed 150 pages (A4, back to front, all annexes included). The analysis grid included in the dossier needs to be completed, in as much details as possible, and included with all applications. Any offer or application that includes an insufficiently complete analysis grid will be considered as incomplete.

The selection grid is a selection criterion.

Terms and Conditions for the Submission of Applications

All candidates will provide four physical copies of the completed dossier in addition to four USBs containing all the dossier material in digital formal, before the 29th of May 2017 at 13h00 (local time).

Office Deadline for applications Number of Physical copies Number of digital copies on USB
Johannesburg 29/05/2017 4 4

All dossiers will need to be submitted sealed and in French.

The Embassy of France in Pretoria will issue a contract of three years, with the possibility of renewal.

Failure to adhere to the conditions stipulated herein will result in disqualification from the tender process.

publié le 03/04/2017

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