Opening of the Selection Process for ENA and IRA Long- Term International Cycles

A high ranking civil servant, you wish to improve, develop new skills directly linked to your missions, exchange viewpoints and best practices with colleagues from throughout the world?

Each year, ENA selects around 80 candidates for its long-term international cycles and those of the Instituts Régionaux d’Administration (IRA).

You can be one of them if you meet the required conditions. Click here to read the conditions (in French).

ENA today, with 70 years of experience, is the management school for senior civil service, at the national, European and International level. It attracts young and experienced civil servants from more than 100 countries in the world

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3 long-term cycles are open to foreign public agents and civil servants :

Long International Course (CIL)

Lasting 14 months, open to junior civil servants or public agents.
The CIL may be open to future civil servants after dispensation.

▪ This course leading to ENA International Diploma in Public Administration can be completed with one of the three high-level professional Masters programs : a Masters programme in General Public Administration, a Masters programme in Public Institution Communication and a Masters programme in Public Action in Europe organised by ENA in partnership with prestigious French universities: University Paris IV CELSA ; University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the University of Strasbourg.

NB : French nationality debars candidates from long international course.

International Advanced Training Course (CIP)

Lasting 8 months, open to senior civil servants.

▪ This course leading to ENA International Diploma in Public Administration can be completed with a Masters programme in one of two special areas: “Public Administration and international affairs” or “Public Specialised Administration” organised in partnership with University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the University of Strasbourg.

IRA International Course (CiIRA)

Lasting 8 months, open to junior and senior civil servants.

▪ IRA course also provides foreign civil servants with the opportunity to prepare, in addition to their IRA diploma, a Masters programme.

All applicants must hold a degree at “Master 1” level or, in exceptional cases, have completed an equivalent course. They must also have some professional background to share experience with French and foreign colleagues and hold a position of responsibility. They should speak and write fluent French, be fluent in English and must pass the school’s entrance examinations.

The selection process is the same for ENA and IRA courses.

head of the service of relations with foreign students,
Tél : + 33 (0)1 44 41 85 98
Email (please fill in the form below this article).


▪ Application forms must be done one line on the ENA website between September 20th and November 10th 2016.
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▪ Pre-admissibility tests will be organised by the French Embassy departments between 10 and 30 November 2016.

▪ Admissibility tests will be organised between 14 and 20 December by the French Embassy departments.

▪ Entrance oral examinations will be organised between March and April 2017.

▪ Final meeting of ENA’s and IRA’s selection board :end of April 2017.

▪ The IRA International Course and the Long International Course will begin in September 2017

▪ The International Advanced Training Course will begin in December 2017.


ENA website > Training/International Cycles

▪ For more than 60 years, ENA has been welcoming foreign students from all continents. Over 3.500 foreign students from 132 different countries have already taken our courses.

▪ IRA web sites :
IRA of Lyon
IRA of Metz
IRA of Bastia
IRA of Lille
IRA of Nantes

publié le 23/09/2016

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