Message by Ambassador Aurélien Lechevallier to the French people in South Africa

To our fellow French citizens currently in South Africa,

I know that the situation that you find yourself in is difficult and complex. In this unprecedented international context, South Africa has taken strong measures in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, including the one that prevents you from going back to France or to your country of residence. Indeed, the South African Government announced, on the 25th of March, that domestic and international flights would be interrupted starting from the 27th of March, until the end of the lockdown. No commercial flight is scheduled before the 17th of April.

In this situation, we are standing by your side.

If you are a French tourist currently in South Africa and if you wish to go back to France, or to return to your country of residence, please send us, as soon as possible, the following information for you and your relatives, to the email address:

- Name and surname, as they appear on the passport;
- Passport number and expiry date;
- Date of birth;
- Physical address in South Africa (until which date);
- Physical address in France or in your country of residence;
- Email address and phone number.

You can also send us information on circumstances that could make you vulnerable to the coronavirus/Covid-19, or any information regarding your health condition, in particular if it involves a specific treatment.

This information will remain confidential. We need it in order to accompany you in the best possible way during the next days and weeks, to find a solution to your current situation, and to contact you, if need be.

You can reach the French Embassy Covid-19 phone number by dialling the following phone numbers:

+27 67 421 0758/ +27 67 421 3460/ +27 67 421 3461

In case of consular emergency, you can dial the specific phone numbers of our French Consulates Generals:

In Johannesburg: +27 82 467 2588 / In Cape Town: +27 83 460 4360

We ask you to be patient and to strictly follow the rules announced by the South African Government during the lockdown. Take all sanitary precaution in order to protect you from the pandemic, and to protect your relatives and friends. Please declare yourselves to the Embassy or the Consulates if you think that you might have contracted the virus.

Check our websites, and Facebook and Twitter accounts, to remain updated regarding the latest developments.

In these extraordinary circumstances, the teams of the French Embassy and the Consulates Generals in Johannesburg in Cape Town are in high demand, but they are here to help you and to accompany you.

Thank you for your attention, and we remain, without a doubt, at your disposal.


publié le 01/04/2020

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