Increase in crime: Following security guidelines and sharing information with the Consulate [fr]

The 2013/2014 police crime statistics for the Western and Eastern Cape provinces reveal a marked increase in crime.

We invite you to consult the stats relating to your place of residence on the SAPS website.

Although violence tends to be primarily concentrated in the Cape Flats, members of the French community –both residing in and visiting the Cape Town area- are not spared. Indeed, the Consulate has observed a rise in robberies and violent attacks perpetrated against French nationals.

Against the backdrop of the rise in crime in the Cape Town consular district, the Consulate urges you to follow the security guidelines, which are published in French on our website:

The power outages scheduled for February and March (see loadshedding map on the City of Cape Town website) could potentially disrupt home security and alarm systems. You are therefore advised to be extra vigilant and prepared, by checking the autonomy of your alarm system and asking security companies to step up their patrols.

In the event of theft, attack or accident, you are advised to take the following steps:

- Call the police
- Call a doctor if need be
- Contact your insurance company in the event of physical injury or damage to property, or both
- If necessary, freeze your bank cards and accounts and cell phone.

_ Should you fall victim to or witness an attack or robbery, please inform the Consulate by telephone: +27 (0)21 423 15 75, or by email: This will allow us to relay the information and it will give us a more accurate view of the level of insecurity in our consular district.

publié le 22/01/2015

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