"Francophonie Month", March 2013 [fr]

JPEG Last Friday 1st March, the Embassador of France is South Africa has celebrated the opening of the “Francophonie Month” at Iziko Museum in Cape Town. Many cultural events will take place at the French Alliance in Cape Town in March through the uniting theme of “Encounters of Peoples and Mixing Cultures”.

This year, the Francophonie is promoted by Mrs, Negwevela, Embassador of South Africa. To view her speech, click here

The celebration of Francophonie is the opportunity for francophones and francophiles of the world to better understand the concept of Francophonie while sharing moments of conviviality around the French language and francophone cultures. 20 March is the International Day of Francophonie.

The celebrations of the Francophonie Month in March 2011 and 2012 were highly successful. Fruitful partnerships were strengthened through the organisation of a varied colourful programme.

This year again, The Alliance Française du Cap wishes to renew it in March 2013 and create continuity around this symbolical month through the uniting theme of “Encounters of Peoples and Mixing Cultures”. The aim is to highlight the cultural diversity of Francophonie with an interactive and multidisciplinary approach.

To check all the cultural events related to the “Francophonie Month”, click here

To see the pictures of the opening of the "Francophonie Month" at Iziko Museum, click here.

PNG For further information on the International Organization of La Francophonie, click here

publié le 04/03/2013

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