Don’t miss the talk at the Alliance Française by Dr. Alain Tschudin, Executive Director of Good Governance Africa !


On Monday, 24th April 2017, at 17:30, Dr. Alain Tschudin, Executive Director of Good Governance Africa, will give a talk at the Alliance Française about the way South Africans voted in Local Government Elections 2016.
In mid-March, Good Governance Africa (GGA) – an independent, registered NPO – launched the findings of its Voter Sentiment Survey (VSS), as part of its continuing research programme on Local Governance. Previous research conducted in 2015-2016 found a very mixed bag of government performance, with pressing concerns around accountability and administration in general, economic development and service delivery. Key indicators on the economy, health, education, and law and order were largely negative; only social grants received a favorable rating. On the back to this, the VSS sought to understand why South Africans voted the way they did in the Local Government Elections 2016, which were characterized by voter abstinence and changing political party allegiance.

Place: Alliance Française du Cap, 155 Loop Street, 8001 Cape Town
Time: 17:30
Free Entrance

publié le 21/04/2017

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