Divorce [fr]

Registration in France of a divorce granted abroad (verification of validity)

It is imperative that you register your divorce with the French authorities without delay. Files are to be sent directly to the relevant Procureur (Public Prosecutor) (see end of this section), who will in turn send confirmation of receipt. The French Consulate in Cape Town cannot record a second marriage as long as the divorce has not been registered and the endorsement not been added to your birth certificate.

The following documents must be provided:

  • A letter of demand addressed to the Procureur de la République. The letter must be signed and dated and must include your full address.

    Click to see a letter template:

Word - 14.5 kb
(Word - 14.5 kb)
  • A true, certified copy of the divorce judgement.
  • A certificate of non-appeal stipulating that the divorce is irrevocable and that the appeals deadlines have been reached.
  • The applicant’s marriage certificate, as recorded in the consular registry if the marriage took place abroad (original, no photocopy of the family record book)
  • Former spouses’ proof of residence. Photocopies of bills indicating different addresses, proof of inclusion in the register and proof of residence issued by the Consulate if the applicant is registered with the Consulate
  • Proof of French nationality of one or both spouses:

    - consular registration card and passport, or

    - valid nationality identity card, or

    - certificate of French nationality.

To download the list of documents that need to be provided, please click here.

Documents to be sent to

…if the wedding was held abroad:
Monsieur le Procureur de la République, Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes, Quai François Mitterrand, 44921 Nantes Cedex 9, France.

…if the wedding was held in France:
Monsieur le Procureur de la République at the relevant Tribunal de Grande Instance (relating to the place of marriage).

To schedule an appointment contact us on : etat-civil.le-cap-fslt@diplomatie.gouv.fr. Please note that appointments can only be booked by email.

publié le 30/08/2018

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