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The Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF), run by the French Embassy in South Africa, aims at supporting capacity development of South African civil society organisations. The principal objectives of the projects implemented through this development mechanism are sustainable development, the eradication of poverty and the responding to essential community needs as well as fostering democracy by strengthening human rights and gender equality. The aim is also to build capacity autonomy and accountability among local stakeholders, i.e. regional communities and grassroots civil society organisations, agricultural production associations, neighbourhood associations, women, parents schooling bodies etc.

Since 2009, the CSDF has provided funding to 21 organisations implementing micro-projects within the two broad funding priorities of the fund:

- Promoting respect for human rights, especially those of women, children and LGBTI persons.
- Improving local governance, public participation and access to basic services with a specific focus on sustainable development of communities, skills development, job creation and social cohesion.

In the funding period 2017-2018, the French Embassy in South Africa will support innovative projects of South African CSOs falling within these two objectives.

In accordance with the principles of the European Charter on Local Governance, a coordinated approach with a range of South African and foreign stakeholders will be sought, including European Union member states, and their implementing agencies, United Nations agencies, private foundations and French CSOs.

Priority shall be given to projects co-financed by one or several of these stakeholders, as well as to initiatives that support gender equality and women’s empowerment.

- Application procedure

The new call for applications is open until Monday 10 July 2017

For the first selection round, CSOs are required to submit a five-page concept note and the first column of a logical framework (project description).

The relevant forms and guidelines for submission can be dowloaded here:

- Application form
- Application guidelines
- Concept note
- Logical framework form
- Budget

The average grant per project is expected to be around between €28 000 and €35 000.

Grant allocations made by the CSDF may not exceed 70% of the total budget of the project.

At least 10% of the total budget should be the applicant’s own contributions.

The maximum timeframe in terms of project duration is 16 months.

For the first round of selection, only a concept note should be submitted for evaluation.

CSOs whose concept note is approved will be invited to submit a full project proposal.

For more information, you can contact the Cooperation Department of the French Embassy until 14 June 2017.

Tel: 012 425 1718

Please note that the Embassy of France does not provide direct funding outside of the CSDF

publié le 07/06/2017

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