Census and JDC [fr]

JPEGCensus participation is a legal requirement for all (boys and girls) and must occur within 3 months following the child’s sixteenth birthday.

- As of January 1999, all French youths (boys and girls) have to be counted in a census at their local town hall or Consulate (if they live abroad).
- Censuses are conducted automatically by the Consulate for 16 year-old French nationals registered at the Consulate. They will receive documents certifying their participation in the census.
- Unregistered residents must get in touch with the Consulate to register for the census, or in order to be invited to the JDC, if they have already been registered on the French census register.
- After the census has been conducted, the Consulate will host a Journée Défense et Citoyenneté (JDC, or Defence and Citizenship Day in English), to which French youths aged 16 to 25 are invited. The JDC is an opportunity to make in-person contact with the military community and to explore the professional opportunities offered by the Department of Defence.
- At the end of the day, the participants will receive a certificate of participation, certifying that they have regular status with respect to their national service. This administrative document is required, in particular, for registration for any examination or competitive test that falls within the jurisdiction of the French authorities (Baccalaureate, university registration, driver’s licence, etc…).

Visit the JDC website for additional information.

publié le 09/02/2015

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