Call for application Goût de France / Good France


Following the success of Goût de France / Good France in 2015, the event will be held again on 21 March 2016, and every year after that, on the first day of spring (for the Northern Hemisphere) / on the first day of autumn (for the Southern Hemisphere). Over the course of a dinner, more than 1,000 chefs throughout the world will demonstrate their culinary creativity by preparing a tasteful menu inspired by French and local cuisine.
All chefs across South Africa are invited to rise to the occasion and tantalize our taste buds with their home-brewed savoir-faire. Initiated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and renowned chef Alain Ducasse, this project is an opportunity to celebrate the French art of living through a festive event on an international scale.
Goût de France / Good France 2016 is a chance to showcase dishes inspired by French cuisine by using local and seasonal produce.


Participating restaurants are invited to design their menu based on the following sequence:

• Starter
• Main course(s)
• Cheese course (optional)
• Dessert (optional: two desserts can be offered in-lieu of cheese)
• French wines and champagnes (local wines can also be proposed)

Each menu will highlight a cuisine that uses less fat, sugar and salt, and shows concern for “good food” as in:

• Healthy: delicious and nutritious
• Sustainable: produced, processed, distributed and recycled locally using seasonal vegetables and grains.

The price of the menu is at the restaurant’s discretion.

Participants are encouraged to donate 5% of the proceeds to a local NGO promoting health and the environment if they wish.

It is possible to register in two stages, giving first the contact details of the restaurant, then a proposed menu.

Registration will close on 7 January 2016.

An international committee of chefs will process the applications for approval and announce the participating restaurants on January 18th 2016.


Goût de France / Good France is a unique opportunity to participate in a global food event.

All participants will benefit from an international promotional campaign across all media channels, led by the Goût de France / Good France communication team, French embassies abroad, prestigious partners and major media outlets.


publié le 05/01/2016

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