Birth - married parents [fr]

The presence of at least one of the parents is required. The following documents must be provided:

- passport or national ID document of both parents;

- family record book:
If the parents’ marriage has not been registered on the French Civil Status Register, this should be done first at the Consulate relevant for the territory where the marriage was solemnized.

- in the event of a declaration, within 30 days maximum following the birth:

  • ORIGINAL birth certificate from the hospital (proof of birth);
  • copy of the Unabridged Birth Certificate issued by Home Affairs.

- in the event of a transcription:

  • original copy of the Unabridged Birth Certificate issued by Home Affairs - you are advised to request two copies as the copy submitted to the Consulate will not be returned;
  • transcription of birth request

IMPORTANT: A simple photocopy, even a true copy certified by a Notary Public, or a certificate that does not contain a registration number, are not admissible. Similarly, certificates containing errors must have been corrected by the local authorities prior to being transcribed. This certificate may then be stamped with the DIRCO seal, either directly by the parents or by the Consulate. Transcriptions can have a relatively long turnaround time. Finally, it is worth noting that any and all accents must appear on the child’s first names.

- joint declaration of the surname selected, for the first common child born to the couple after 1 January 2005.

IMPORTANT: The surname chosen for the first common child shall apply to other common children born to this couple. The choice of surname is final.

publié le 10/02/2015

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