Visit France

  • Living in France

    You will find here a guide to prepare your arrival in France.

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  • Getting medical treatment in France

    France is internationally renowned for its healthcare system and a long tradition of hospitality. For the first time, the healthcare options in France have been set out in an information booklet for patients from around the world.

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  • Not to be missed!

    Experience major French events: festivals, gastronomic food events, and events relating to music, sport, dance, painting, sculpture, contemporary art, architecture, theatre, the circus, etc.

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  • Organizing your stay

    Plan your trip to France on the website.
    Full information is available on the official French tourism website to inspire you to prepare your journey to French cities and regions.

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  • Explore France

    Visit to discover a multi-faceted destination that differs from others in Europe through its terroirs or regions, to enjoy its landscapes at the seaside, in the mountains and the country, not to mention French cities and overseas destinations.

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